Asset Property Pte Ltd is a leading and experienced property agency known for its loyal and united agent core.

We seek to offer a cost-efficient solution to our agents, understanding that some agents may specialize in individual niche segments, where self-allocated spending on market-specific intelligence, individual external skills upgrading and a larger operating budget with deeper saving opportunities, would ultimately provide a more targeted benefit to both consumers and agents alike.

Our track record in delivering results and providing accurate advice for our agents has helped to establish our go-to reputation, which is enforced by a rapidly growing pool of enthusiastic estate agents under us.

Led by a management team that has more than 20 years of industry experience, We are fully aware of the various challenges and obstacles encountered by property agents in their transactions, and actively work to solve their problems in any issues they may encounter.

Agency Licence No. L3010497H

Prospective Agents
Asset Property Pte Ltd is committed to our agents’ welfare and will prioritize them above anything else.
Law-abiding, ethical agents are welcomed to apply.